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Boat tour and bird watching

This is an amazing tour if you stay more than 2 full days on the island. (5 days recommended)

The “Motu” or islets can only be seen from “Orongo” or by boat. This is an incredible way to get to know them. The tour starts from “Hanga Piko Bay” where you will get in the same boats that go fishing the big “Yellow Fin Tuna”. Then, you will cruise along volcanic rocky coasts observing caves, dramatic cliffs and the breathtaking ultra blue of the ocean.
Reaching the Motu just takes around thirty minutes, and here is where you will watch many native birds nesting and where the Manutara laid its eggs in ancient times.
This tour also includes snorkeling, a good opportunity for you to feel and observe the depths of the Rapa Nui ocean and maybe you are lucky enough to see different exotic fish too. This is an amazing experience we fully recommend to all our clients.