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Come and visit the most isolated place in the world, where the closest piece of land you will see, is the moon!

On a remote speck of rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, one of the most amazing and enigmatic cultures in history found a place in the eyes of people.

Easter Islanders (or the Rapa Nui, known by natives) created a cultural heritage that echoes till these days as tourists visit this isolated Chilean possession to witness the massive rock statues, called Moai, gazing with empty eyes towards their land and people as a symbol of protection. They stand on platforms, called Ahu, built and enlarged over the course of centuries. Visitors are astonished by the fine technique Rapa Nui inhabitants had and breath-taking beauty of the island itself.

Many believe a great mystery lies hidden there. We invite you to discover them with Easter Island Guides and find out when, why and how these great Moai were carved, transported to their ahu, then toppled and finally destroyed by its own people.

Easter Island Guides specialize in private tours so as to give you the best top quality experience and personalized tour ever.

The island itself measures around 165 km2 aprox, therefore, it is not difficult to witness the most important sites in few days. Even though, there are many other activities and places to visit, it is highly recommended to stay more than two whole days. Trekking, boat/rock fishing, horseback riding, diving, ATV rentals.