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Half day 1: “Birdman Competition”

Pick up time: 9:30 hrs or 02:00 pm (depending on plane arrival)

After all the moai were toppled, the Rapa Nui people began a new political system that will change their lives and make them organize themselves, choosing a new spiritual leader every year. This was the “Birdman Competition”, a unique ritual that took place at Orongo, a ceremonial city with 54 houses that was built especially for this event.


Orongo & Rano Kau Volcano: You will walk along a trail located in between a 300mt cliff and a 1.6 km of diameter caldera observing the construction of slate houses and observe the “motu” or islets to where the Hopu Manu swam to get the first egg of the Manutara. You will also have the chance to see the amazing petroglyphs representing important religious meanings. We will stop at two breathtaking view points also, one overlooking to Hanga Roa city and the island’s three coasts (southeast-north & west) and another one to the awe-inspiring caldera.

Vinapu:  Ahu (platform) in ruins called Ahu Tahira where you can observe toppled moai and a back wall compared to a one in Saqsaywaman – Cuzco, Peru for its amazing rockwork, constructed and polished for a perfect fit. Walk along the second ahu and find yourself with a female moai carved out from red scoria rock.