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Easter Island Guides is a top quality tour operator which started with the idea of giving the traveler an unforgettable tour & holiday; featuring those little aspects that many local tour companies don’t think about, like avoiding the crowds, getting the best lightning for photographs, adapting to climate conditions and most of all, adapting to the client.

As the island stands in such isolation, it is very important to capture its silence, magic & mystery in every site you visit since you are going to be actually standing on an infinite outdoor museum. That is why it is very important to evade big crowds. EIG invites you to make of your holiday the best experience ever, accompanied by the best local bilingual guides.

Its owner, Tiare Edmunds a Rapanui native, has been already in the tourism industry for 8 years, after finishing her degree in New Zealand (Tourism and Management). Her parents met in the island were both used to lead tours as well in the first tourism agency that was settled in 1971 by her grandfather.

In Rapa Nui oral tradition is the most important way to tell the island’s story and remember its history, since everything has been trespassed from generation to generation. That is why EIG was created, to show the real story of this amazing culture in a dynamic, entertaining and personalized way.

That is why we invite you to discover Rapa Nui with EIG. We will show you every corner of this amazing island the way you want, in a personalized way, avoiding the big groups of tourists and most importantly, history of archaeological sites will be narrated by a native guide.